city promenade Finowkanal

competition 2010, 1st prize, master plan

The starting point is the natural impression of the Finow-canal in the city of Eberswalde and the clarification of the counterpart of landscape and urban space.
The mouth of the Schwärze is staged as a landscape link between the quadrangle of the Old City, the new open spaces on the Finow canal and the city locks: The landscape is brought right up to the northern edge of the Old City and is then grasped by the newly built areal boundaries. Construction extends to the canal, marking the transitions to the new linearly built city promenade along the river, whose direction meanders slightly several times. The park area is divided into varied sections for sports, playing and socializing. The new city park at the mouth of the Schwärze is the generous entryway to the Old City, an urban translation and reinterpretation of the former Mühlentor gate. The new urban park on the Schwärze is a precise, space-creating setting based on the "cramped" Old Town that enriches the landscape of the Finow canal with an urban stretch.

— Stadt Eberswalde
— Jörg Wessendorf, Berlin
landscape architects:
— Atelier Loidl, Berlin
— 31.000 m²
— 21 ha

new entrée of the town
devision of the landscape by the new building structure