South Harbour

competition 2012, Appreciation

The vastness of the harbour spaces are a luxury worth of preservation. A rhythm of precisely located spaces will be established, opening up for a sensual perception of the poetry of Wide. The robust simplicity suggested by the site generates places ready to adopt changing terms of use.

The projectʻs spacial structure preserves the local characteristics and seeks for their sustainable development. To unfold a great variety of atmospheres and activities it provides a number of facilities robust enough to be modified through public participation procedures. With a design both concise and generous it plays on the poetic impact of the placeʻs wideness. Carefully proportioned spaces and chosen materials will enhance the sensual perception of the spirit of the place.

— City of Helsinki
— Wessendorf+Leifheit, Berlin
landscape architects:
— Atelier Loidl, Berlin
type of use:
— culture, office, living
— 23 ha