Kiosk East on the Gleisdreieck

LP 1 – 8, 2011 – 2013

The new kiosk marks the main eastern entrance of Gleisdreieck Park on Möckernstraße and serves a multitude of park-related functions: information point, retail kiosk, concession stand for neighboring playground-side seating, toilets and baby changing room.
A geometric distortion of the archetypal saddle-roofed house, each side of the building offers a different profile, giving it a sculptural character that formally integrates itself within the contemporary park architecture. A uniform surface treatment of all wall and roof surfaces reinforces the monolithic design.

All pipes and gutters disappear beneath the wood-frame building's skin, constructed from extremely resistant HPL sheets (high pressure laminates made from 60% paper coated in melamine resin); all necessary openings are covered in concealed doors that blend seamlessly into the homogenous shell. This unified hull is broken only when the kiosk is open, with the façade's raised shutters directing attention to the service counter, while also providing protection from the rain and sun.
The façade's printed paneling depicts a large scale, halftone woodgrain design developed by the architects. The distortion in scale playfully bridges illusion and reality; wood building and image of wood.

The kiosk's interior references the pale green of freshly cut wood. Durable stainless steel appliances equip the structure for the heavy demands of a high traffic public space.

— GrünBerlin
in coopereation with:
— Grischa Leifheit architect, Berlin
contruction dates:
—  2012 – 2013
type of use:
— gastronomy, lavatory
— 30 m²

photos: Lichtschwärmer Christo Libuda